Water crisis and how to deal with it

Freshwater resources are shrinking day by day. We have the job to prove that we are responsible users of freshwater streams and stop wasting it in daily life. Every day, we dump tons of freshwater by wasting; in reality, every drop is more valuable than gold. If we run out of freshwater, there are no technologies to make the salty water covert into drinkable. It is of prime concern that we should only use fresh water where it is necessary and invest in developing technologies that can help us filter ocean water into drinkable. Like most technologies globally, filtration techniques can take inspiration from nature to become foolproof and effective.

How to Store Water?

Running water always stays fresh. Therefore in a setup where you come across a water stream or river, you can drink it safely. If you are in a place with stagnant water, look at this site carefully. It will accumulate germs and dirt particles over time and can hardly be safe for consumption. Water storage is a significant problem because freshwater needs constant filtering and purification. The germs cannot grow in large colonies in the water, which is unstable and running.  Another huge obstacle is that small creatures like mosquitoes lay their eggs on the surface of collected water.

Therefore, a storage unit is not an effective way to store water for more extended durations. If you use mineral water, you will notice the expiration dates on it. You might wonder how water can expire.  When water stayed in a vessel long enough to allow the bacteria culture to grow more than a healthy amount, it passes. There is a clock running on the water that starts running as soon as it is collected from a freshwater spring.


Water tank manufacturers in UAE have to deal with difficulties related to the storage of freshwater. Freshwater has an expiration date, and processing water with anti-bacterial filters can affect its health and nutritional content. The best way to make sure that we never run out of freshwater is to develop new techniques to convert salty water reserves of the vast oceans into drinkable alternative. Even with a comparatively lower acidic content of the salted water, it qualifies for use in place of freshwater on an industrial level.  The world is running out of the water to drink, and we must act now if we want to stop it from falling into an abyss of crisis and shortage.

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