Acne reasons according to face area

Almost every person will face acne at any time of their life no matter how long or short the duration is, so you should not be worried about it instead you have to struggle to know about the reason behind that acne and why there is acne at a certain area of your face. When you do not know about the right kind of acne and the reason then you have to go to the laser tattoo removal dubai to get to know more about it and you will get a lot of information for your future care too. Some people also get to take the botox offer dubai and for that they have to go to the skin specialist first. Here is a proper guide about your face and type of acne at each part:

First part of your face is the head part and the temples. You know that these parts are very close to the hair or your head so the acne that appears on these areas will be mostly due to the hair products you are using because these products will seep through the hair to these areas of the face and then cause acne.

After that there is an area known as the T-zone that includes forehead, nose and chin on the face. Many people are there who have oily skin and these areas of the face will have more oil production that will cause acne in this area only. They will not have ace at any other area of the face and the main treatment of this area is to keep the T-zone clean with good products and make sure there will be no excessive oil on that area.

Third area where acne will appear is the cheeks where acne appears mostly and it is due to the friction of cheeks with something around you like when you sleep your chees will touch and some friction with pillow and if you do not change the pillow case or wash them regularly then you will get acne due to the friction on dirty area.

Fourth and final area of the face to get acne is the jawline where acne appears due to the hormonal changes and you have to go to the skin specialist as soon as possible because delaying will cause more problems.